Crazy Fun Weekend!

I haven’t been doing much baking or cooking lately.  Nothing really fantastic anyway.  Lots of oatmeal or a simple pasta or just chunks of pumpkin as I throw it in the food processor to puree.  =)

But it hasn’t been all mundane day to day life!  This weekend we went to Michigan!  Can you believe I live 2 hours from the border and have NEVER been there?!  Man, I sure changed that this weekend!  We went to St Joseph and Saugatuck.  Out of the two, St Joseph was our favorite.  The people were MUCH friendlier than in Saugatuck (save for the awesome Mother Moon shop, the art galleries we stopped in and the totally awesome British pub we ate in) and it was far less crowded.  Well, without further ado – here’s our trip!

Michigan Welcome Center!


There's beetles all over it!

.. so maybe I took a lot of welcome center photos.. but it was so PRETTY!

We got lost because my GPS wasn't working.. but it was pretty..

.. and a bit strange..

Random fountain in St Joseph

We asked two separate store owners where we should grab a bite to eat.  The answer was the same: Pump House Grille
And wouldn’t you know: we saw both people there eating their dinner, too.

The meal was DELICIOUS. We ordered the Bleu Burger with their seafood soup. Awesome soup. Awesomer homemade rolls..

Best beef burger I’ve ever had. Ever.
(apparently the best Kyle’s ever had, too)


That's right. For 2 people. Waitress was awesome so she got a mongo tip!

After dinner we watched the sun set over Lake Michigan from atop the hill in town.


Then we got some ice cream at Kilwin’s.

Kyle's peppermint ice cream vs my 1/2 mocha chip 1/2 Mackinac Island fudge

The next morning on the way back into St Joseph to pick up my uber-cheap buckwheat flour ($1.50 for 2 1/2 POUNDS!) from Sweet Seasons Orchards, we came across an overlook for the lake with an awesome “grape” installment!

Nom, nom.. grapes!

An absolutely gorgeous "Indian summer" day!

From St Joseph, we traveled onward and Northward to Saugatuck.  Unfortunately, as I mentioned earlier, I wasn’t all that impressed with the town itself.  After discussing it with my mom, she agreed with me, saying they can be a bit snooty there.  Tons of awesome shops line the streets but it was PACKED.  They were having a chili cook-off so there was nowhere to park and tons of tourists all over.  Not as much fun as our previous day.  We managed to have a good time anyway, ducking in and out of co-op art galleries and visiting the awesome Mother Moon. We even found a little British pub called Chequers. I’ll admit I was a bit hesitant to go in at first but I am SO glad we did! I ended up getting the five mushroom soup and the welsh rarebit as a meal and Kyle ordered bangers and mash!


A trio of tasty sausages!

Everything was fantastic and I even finished up the meal with a “black cherry”. Guinness poured over cherry wheat ale. Yum, yum, YUM!

After we rolled ourselves out of there, we headed into Douglas to wander in and out of the art galleries.

Kyle found his long lost twin.


I got a chuckle out of the signage!

We finished up the day at the beach taking artsy-type photos!

A fellow beach-goer was nice enough to take our picture!

Torn down dock

Frisbee time!

This kid ran through as I was multi-shotting. Came out pretty nifty!

I hope you enjoyed seeing our trip just as much as we enjoyed taking it!


4 thoughts on “Crazy Fun Weekend!

  1. You two are adorable…I love your shirt in that first photograph! Thank you for sharing your trip with us. It looks and sounds like you had an amazing, joy-filled trip. The fall colors are so beautiful (especially since it is still ninety degrees here in Austin!) And all that food looked fabulous! I love eating out while traveling! I don’t feel guilty about not cooking at home 🙂

    • Thank you so much! So glad you enjoyed seeing the photos! That’s one of my favorite shirts – I found it in a thrift store for $3!

      Definitely the best part about vacationing: trying different restaurants and sampling new food!

  2. Well damn. I came in here to comment on your top in Pic #1, too! Seriously, the best $3 ever spent on the planet. It’s mad cute.

    Glad you guys had an awesome trip. The food, the places you visit – they add to the trip but it all comes down to the person you share it with.

    • Haha thanks! I love spending hours in thrift stores to find unique clothes!

      And yeah, I agree. You can’t have fun on a trip if you can’t enjoy your company!

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