I’m getting closer..

Man it’s been a crazy week/weekend. I spent the holiday in Plainfield with my Aunt Dawn, cousins and her family.

There was turkey to be stuffed and baked

sunsets to be watched

battleships to be sunk (my very first time playing the infamous Battleship, mind you)

You sunk my... itty bitty boat thingie!

turkey to be carved

tables to be set and filled with delicious food (see the cheesy mashed potatoes in the front?? mmmmm)


homemade wine to be drunk

mmm.. tasty!

Time for dessert!!  Pies, donuts, ice cream and cookies!  Yum!!

Homemade one egg donuts.. secret family recipe!

My Aunt Dawn’s sister is the US ambassador’s assistant over in London, so we skyped her from the living room so we could still share our holiday.

It was a great night filled with yummy food, remembrance of those who couldn’t be with us and lots of fun, loving family time. I do love Thanksgiving!

So after the feasting of Thanksgiving I decided to attempt to make walnut butter again.  I love, love, LOVE walnuts.  Top two nuts – walnuts and brazil nuts.  Well and roasted chestnuts (I just discovered this a few nights ago.  Yum yum!)

The last time I tried to make walnut butter it was too bitter, not creamy and just not that great.  Oh I still ate it, but I didn’t know how to improve it.  My dad kept saying that my aunt used to add something to make it less bitter but he couldn’t remember what.  So I turned to Ashley of The Edible Perspective. She’s the queen of homemade nut butters and had some terrific ideas on how to cut the bitterness, including adding some cashews to the walnuts. I’m still working on getting the flavorings right, so when I do that I’ll post a recipe. If you’re in serious need of some homemade peanut or almond butters, hop on over to her website and browse around. Such yumminess!


8 thoughts on “I’m getting closer..

  1. Hi Lauren…what a wonderful time you had! Battleship, homemade wine and lots of smiles. I love it! Isn’t skype amazing? My Best friend is in Japan, and I’m so thankful for it. Thank you for sharing. I hope you have a great day!

    • It is amazing! It was so surreal to sit there and know that I was talking to my aunt in real time when she was across an ocean. Japan would be an awesome place to live – its on my list of places to visit. Have you gotten a chance to visit your friend? Have a great day yourself!

      By the way, your rosemary apple pie looks simply amazing. I’ve been craving nothing but pie lately. I need to break down and make some!

    • Good ol’ Illinois; also currently known as the Frozen Tundra.

      I’m with you, once in a while I love a good donut! I’m obsessed with the idea of a peanut butter flavored donut with a jam filling like they have at Doughnut Plant in New York. I saw it on Food Network one day and can’t stop thinking about it!

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