My awesomest Christmas presents!

Though I know Christmas is still a week away, I was somehow lucky enough to receive some early presents!

How do these things happen??  Well..

Cold feet.  Not in that symbolic way, but in the literal way.

Kyle insisted on buying me these boots I’ve had my eye on for.. oh.. 2 years.

Emu boots!!  SO EXCITED!  They’re so warm and comfy!  I love them!!

My other present you ask?

Only something I’ve been needing for the past 3 years.  Something that I finally had to just bite the bullet and buy for my safety and comfort..

My Mazda 3!  And a 2011 at that!  In the color I’ve been obsessed with since it came out for 2010 – gunmetal blue mica!

I hope all of you get the Christmas presents on the top of your list this year!

Merry Christmas to all!



4 thoughts on “My awesomest Christmas presents!

  1. I love those boots~Anything with embellishments and hardware (buckles) always catches my eye first! Plus they look comfy so I would be all about that!

    Congratulations on the new car, wahoo! I too have a Mazda. An RX8 that I drive in the warm months, love it!

    Merry early Christmas to UUUUU!

  2. Oh my goodness! Congratulations! What a beautiful pair of boots…and what a spectacular car! Ryan and I are in need of a new car, but we are probably going to try to wait one more year. So excited for you, my dear!

    • Thanks, Monet! I was trying to wait until next summer but I just couldn’t do it! I needed a car with heat that would actually start 100% of the time for the winter!

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