Adzuki Beans Galore!

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone! I’m ringing in this new year watching Benny and Joon.

I decided at the beginning of January that I’m going to start celebrating this nifty holiday but I kinda dropped the ball this year. The holiday came up much quicker than I expected and I had no time to plan a menu. I wanted to make wontons and sticky rice cakes and steamed buns..

Then I remembered the perfect recipe for my situation! While reading The Kind Diet, I remember locking in on a recipe for adzuki beans and kabocha squash. Well I didn’t have some of the ingredients, but I sure as heck have adzuki beans! If you’ve never tried these little gems before I seriously urge you to do so. They are one of my favorite beans ever. Ever! You can find the recipe here on Alicia’s site.

It may not be the prettiest dish I’ve ever served up but it is lip-smacking good! I didn’t have to use any crazy seasonings, just the soy sauce and the fresh veggies! That’s IT! Amazing!

I only made a few changes, substituting the kabocha squash for a combination of:
1 1/2 cups butternut squash
1 cup chopped baby bella mushrooms
2-3 green onions, sliced

and substituting the shoyu for low sodium soy sauce. I served it up next to (what else) some red leaf lettuce to scoop it up with.

Try this recipe. It is so versatile and fresh! While you’re at it, check out Alicia’s awesome book! There are some amazing recipes in there that I’m just itching to try!


14 thoughts on “Adzuki Beans Galore!

  1. Hi there- I just came across your blog (obviously I was intrigued by the name… who doesn’t love peanut butter and ginger??)
    Can’t wait to try out some of your eats! I’m not a fan of tofu usually, but the below post looks pretty darn good!

  2. Hi! I’m another new reader who was drawn in by your blog name – easily two of the best things in the world! I’m a fiend for ginger.
    Aduki beans are AWESOME. I’m really surprised I don’t see more of them in people’s blogs. That looks like a really good dish, and I had no idea Alicia had a book & website! Clearly I’ve been living in a cave, 😛

    • Welcome Fi! I’m glad to find so many people that love adzukis. Or is it adukis? I can never remember. Alicia’s book is really a great read and loaded with information!

  3. We fell in love with adzuki beans last year…and I’m so glad to hear that we are not alone! I love this simple dish. It would be perfect on a cold, winter night (we’ve actually been having quite a few of those in Austin!) Thank you for sharing, sweet friend. May your Sunday be one of peace and love. And Happy Chinese New Year!

    • You certainly have been having a major cold spell down in Texas! I’ve never been there for the winter but I was in Arizona for the winter a few years ago. We got a LOT of rain and biting cold to go with the wet! We even got some light snow! Certainly not what I expected out of a “warm” state for winter.

      Enjoy your week and Happy Chinese New Year to you, too!

  4. I’ve never tried adzuki beans before, but I’ll see if I can find them in the store. I’m curious about them. I might give this recipe a try but I don’t care much for squash, and I’m about to swear off mushrooms completely because despite how much I love them, they just kill my stomach. But the beans would be good with regular potatoes, onions, and whatever else I happen to have in the fridge. Now let’s see if I can find them. 🙂

    • That’s the beauty of this recipe. You can add whatever you can think to add – some diced bell peppers even. It is unfortunate that mushrooms don’t agree with you. I hope you can find some adzuki beans near you. My boyfriend’s mom sends them to me when she can. They probably sell them at H-Mart, which is an hour and a half from me at least, but you might want to check if you have got one in your area! Good luck!

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