Zoom Zoom

For a day off, I was sure busy!

I went to the Chicago Auto Show, something I have wanted to do for a few years now! The bank gave all the employees free tickets, so all it cost me was parking! And lunch! But we’ll get to THAT later!

Even for a Wednesday afternoon the show was pretty packed.

A sea of people!

Oh and did I mention that it was over 50 outside??

Here are some of my auto show highlights!

Hooray for spinning Mazda color wheels!

For pimpin' out the wheels..

This was the coolest paint job..

How many colors of silver/gray do you need.. really?

Look at the rear of this Lexus concept vehicle! It goes 202 mph. The spoiler is what keeps it on the ground. Yikes!

Chevy's new rechargeable car. It will only raise your electric bill about $2 a month!

And now.. my favorite vehicle of the day (aside from my own Mazda.. whose name is Inky..)

The Infiniti Essense.

Not in production and purely a concept car, Infiniti is going to take elements and incorporate them into their line. But this car – Friggin’ GORGEOUS.

Yes, that is luggage. It comes with the car.

What did I do after all this excitement??

I went to lunch, of course! And at a PURELY VEGAN RESTAURANT! Well, after checking out the cool leaping water inside the Mc Cormick.

Awkward self portrait to prove I was the one taking the pictures!

I had looked up a few vegan restaurants before heading up to Chicago and settled on Soul Vegetarian East. This is a tiny little restaurant on the south side with a great little atmosphere and lots of regulars. The wait staff was super friendly and listed her favorites after I asked her opinion. A gentleman (who I assume was one of the owners) made sure to check up on me while I waited for my food, offering to go in the back and rough up the cook for being too slow and a woman stopped on the way to her table to ask what I was having. The two college kids at the table next to me were kind enough to tell me what they were having, too.

So what did I get?

On the recommendation of the waitress I decided on the breaded tofu sandwich with a side of carrot salad. I could not believe I was not eating fish. Everything was mega tasty and I envision myself going back for another round at some point. Next time I want to get something with their BBQ sauce. It smelled heavenly wafting from the college table. My only real complaint was, being in a residential area, parking was a pain in the neck. I almost left before I even went in, but after 15 minutes of searching for a spot and circling the block, a spot opened up on my last lap.

My lewt!

After my incredibly filling lunch, I headed to one of my favorite little grocery stores up in Olympia Fields. Bizios Fresh Market. They always have their “old” bananas packaged really cheap in huge quantities, so I grabbed some of those, some kale, black peppercorns, some jimaca (which I’d never tried before but obviously liked since I ate the entire container on the way home) and some Opal apples. I had never heard of Opal apples before, but they were on sale and felt ultra crisp so I grabbed a few.

Next stop was Trader Joe’s for some staples along with some PEANUT flour! Woo HOO! So excited to try it! My last stop of the day on my journey home was a market I have always seen but never stopped inside of. Brookhaven Marketplace in Mokena. Oh my.

They have a HUGE selection of produce and some awesome tofu options. I only picked up some vital wheat gluten and a humongo container of fresh sun dried tomatoes, but spent some time browsing. This fantastic place has many of the things I would journey all the way to H Mart to buy. I can’t wait to go back there with Kyle!

Well, it is off to bed for me! Too much excitement! Have a great night!


11 thoughts on “Zoom Zoom

  1. I’m not really one for cars, but the built in luggage looks pretty sweet! Looks like you had a great time, I’m glad it was fun for you!
    The vegan restaurant sounds great – the atmosphere can make or break a place as much as the food.

    • I agree, atmosphere is everything when it comes to a restaurant!

      I worked in car sales for a year so I picked up on a few things and became kind of a car nerd. =)

      Have a great weekend!

    • Thanks! Apparently people have said the auto show wasn’t as good this year as it has been in the past but I can’t complain too much, I still had a great time!

  2. U live in chicago?! Seriously next time Im there we must get sushi or go to the place you went here!!!!! Sounds amazing!!! Im so glad you found my blog! Love the cute pic of you with the sushi too on your blog here!

    Have a great say love!!! : )

    • Thanks for visiting, Katie! I’m glad I found your blog, too! =)

      I live a little ways south of the Chi-town! Shoot me an email next time you’re heading into town! My fave sushi restaurant is actually in Joliet!

  3. I miss Trader Joes…and seeing your pictures reminded me of the auto shows that I visited with my dad growing up. So many good memories! We had so much fun, and it seems like you did too! Thank you for sharing with me tonight! I hope you have a great weekend, my dear.

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