Out of Control

I know most people have a sweet-tooth but I have a spice-tooth. The bugger has been out of CONTROL lately. It lead me to create this:

Wasabi marinated tempeh maki.

Oh yeah. I could eat my weight in this. Much like the sushi at Sushi Ya. But this is way cheaper! Kyle gave his thumbs up before devouring the rolls I managed to save for him, claiming he loved them more than real sushi!

The tempeh adds a wonderful texture and looks a bit like a salmon skin roll in the finished product! I will make these again for sure!

I am still dusting off my rolling skills. Practice makes perfect! Making the sushi rice is a major part of the process. I learned the “finger depth” trick years ago and have used it to make rice so many times in my trusty rice cooker it is almost second nature to me!

If you’re a sushi lover, please, PLEASE make this! You will love it!

Spicy Tempeh Maki
1 teaspoon cumin
2 teaspoons wasabi paste
1 teaspoon sesame oil
1 tablespoon soy sauce
1 tablespoon water
4 ounces tempeh

sushi rolling mat
Prepared sushi rice (I *think* I ended up with about 2 cups prepared rice.. I never measured. I also had a bit left over)
4-5 sheets nori
daikon root, sliced into sticks
sesame seeds

Slice tempeh into 8 strips and steam for 10 minutes. While the tempeh is steaming, whisk together cumin, wasabi, oil, soy sauce and water. Place tempeh in a shallow bowl, pour marinade over the top and cover with saran wrap. Refrigerate at least overnight. My tempeh was marinating for almost 24 hours. I was so glad it didn’t disintegrate on me!

Heat a skillet over medium heat and sear tempeh for 3-5 minutes on each side.

Prepare nori by placing on the sushi mat with the shiny side down. Spread on a thin, even layer of rice, arrange tempeh and fillings of your choice and roll ‘er up. I’m still learning the best method for this. The most important thing is to keep it rolled tight but not so much that it rips. I’m a very visual person, so here’s a link to a great site on how to roll!

Sure, the rolling is a bit complicated but I find it to be SO much fun! And hey, if you’re not into the rolling thing, you can always make a sushi bowl, throw all the yummy insides on top of a bowl of the rice and devour with chopsticks!



15 thoughts on “Out of Control

  1. Ryan and I have made sushi a few times…and we always have such a fun time making and eating it. Your blog is looking so great, by the way! I’m loving it, sweet girl!

  2. I have been terrified to make my own sushi but I need to stop being a baby and make it. I would die if I could have avocado rolls whenever I pleased. These look delicious as well!

    • Oh man.. an avocado roll sounds just perfect for next time! Please give it a shot! Even if the first few rolls don’t turn out perfectly, they still taste amazing!

  3. Ok please tell me where you learned the “finger depth” trick because my mom is Filipino and since I was a little girl that’s how I learned to measure the water in the rice cooker! And might I suggest Panera Bread’s new Thai chicken salad, it has a spicy edamame salsa with peanut dressing, delish!

    • I actually learned a long time ago from an old friend’s Chinese mother. Before I learned that method I always either burned my rice or it came out too mushy! The “finger depth” trick works every time!

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