Easter Recap

Hello there!

I hope everyone’s Easter weekend was as fun and family-filled as ours was! I know Kyle enjoyed the basket I made up for him. Complete with homemade vegan shortbread. Shortbread that has chocolate spread on it instead of dipped onto it. I suck at melting chocolate. =)

I stayed with tradition (this time adding Kyle to the mix) and went up to Aunt Dawn’s the night before the “big” day. My cousins left us 2 eggs to dye, even though they know I don’t eat them. How sweet!

And Kyle? Well he was kind enough to buy some wooden eggs and paint so we could color eggs vegan style!


After egg painting, the kids (and Kyle) went to play Wii while my Aunt and I chatted over some beverages and played some Words with Friends (a Scrabble app for her iPhone). We also did a bit of dancing in the kitchen.

The next morning we woke up to discover the Easter Bunny had hidden *62* candy filled eggs! My cousins had a blast tearing the house apart before we feasted on jelly beans. Starburst jelly beans, of course.

After cleaning the jellybean residue off our faces, we headed over to my Aunt’s parents’ house. We devoured some chips and appetizers while playing Scrabble. I LOVE Scrabble. Can’t you tell? =)

I didn’t want Ruth to have to worry about what to feed me, so I brought my own vegan dish to share at the dinner table. Unfortunately I was a bad blogger and didn’t photograph it. I remember thinking, “I’m going to be lazy and not take any photos once we sit down!”

That could have been the third glass of merlot talking.

I managed to get a photo of the gorgeous table and a random kitchen shot, though!

As my contribution I decided to make the recipe for Vegan Shepherd’s Pie I found over at Oh She Glows.

I only changed a few things, seasoning my mashed potatoes with nutritional yeast while leaving out the garlic and pepper. With the potatoes, I also found that I used 1 1/5 pounds of red potatoes and only used half of what *that* made. =) I also swapped out the parsnips in her recipe for 1/2 cup cooked lentils and 1/2 cup frozen corn.

I was pleased as punch with how it turned out! A few others at the table even tried it, not knowing it was vegan, and exclaimed that it was “Some damn good Shepherd’s Pie”.

I’ll take that as a compliment, thank you!

In addition to my shepherd’s pie, I had some cranberry sauce, homemade cinnamon applesauce, homemade bread with grape jelly spread on (another tradition. It just isn’t a holiday without that homemade bread) and some sauerkraut that Ruth was kind enough to bake separately from the pork for me. Yum yum!

Dessert was difficult to resist.. homemade pizzelles. But I made Kyle eat some for me as I had stashed some chocolate in my purse.

All in all: a fantasmic Easter holiday. What was the highlight of your Easter weekend?

I’ll hopefully be able to put together some posts this week. I’ve made some tasty things (if I do say so myself) the past few days!

See you soon!

16 thoughts on “Easter Recap

    • They were both super excited about hunting for their Easter spoils! =) The girls are actually my cousins but I get asked if the older one is my daughter all the time. Our baby pictures even look similar!

  1. Looks like everyone had a lot of fun! 🙂 Your Shepherd’s pie sounds wonderful! I can understand you not photographing it though. Those three glasses of Merlot were probably making you feel like just kickin’ back, relaxin’, and takin’ life easy! 🙂

    I had to Google pizzelles to see what they were. They look beautiful!

    The highlight of my Easter weekend…when the holiday was officially over. I have nothing against Easter, but my husband and I both work in a restaurant and holidays (especially holiday weekends) are extremely long and hard.

    We worked 12 hour shifts on Easter Sunday, popped in a frozen, vegetarian pizza we picked up at Whole Foods, and then collapsed. 🙂

    • Pizzelles are definitely one of the prettier cookies I’ve ever seen with such a hardy-but-still-light taste. I’ve got to figure out if I can fashion a vegan version. Maybe that Ener-G stuff everyone’s been talking about. We’ll see!

      Wow food service on Easter.. I remember that nightmare all too well! Easter and Mother’s Day (and any “Spring”-type holidays) always seemed to be the worst. A nice relaxing take-out pizza night sounds like it was just the ticket!

    • So glad you liked the idea! The best part is: they last forever and if you happen to “miss” a hidden one there’s no stink! =) Thanks for stopping by, Jenn!

  2. OK, your idea for wood Easter eggs for a vegan Easter is about the coolest idea I’ve heard of in awhile. I think it’s also great that you are living a healthy meat free life! Someday, this is going to be me too.

    • Thanks, Laura! I remember seeing it somewhere and emailing Kyle the link. He took care of everything to surprise us (I had too much on my mind, as usual, and forgot)!

      I believe where there’s a will, there’s a way. I know my mom has been inspired by my eating habits and I even found some soy yogurt in her fridge the other day! Little by little is the way to go and you’ll know when you’re completely ready!


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