Hi friends. I know I’ve been awful with keeping up the blog. I really do apologize. It isn’t for lack of cooking, baking and photo taking (hey that rhymes). My life has been pretty stressful this past month. Between moving, coping with my Grandma’s move, summertime family gatherings and now with the passing of a close family friend’s son; I haven’t been much in the mood for sitting down and cooking up an extraordinary post or recipe.

I hope to be back soon. Something will kick me in the seat of the pants soon. Please don’t go away! I would miss you all terribly.

I still follow a bunch of blogs and comment on your drool-inducing recipes. Keep them coming and hopefully I’ll be back with some of my own “post-hastily”. =)


7 thoughts on “Exhaustion

  1. I wouldn’t go away in a million years! I love your posts!

    Sometimes you just gotta take time for yourself, and with everything going on in your life, it sounds like you must not have much free time right now. I’m sorry about your friend’s son by the way. 😦 Hang in there! πŸ™‚

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