Virginia, here I come!

Back in August I took a trip out to Virginia to see my old roommate from Arizona, Amy!  She was the inspiration behind the veganized buttermilk biscuits!  Please enjoy the photo montage!

Of course, the trip started with the terrifying windmills..

Then I got to Columbus, Ohio!  I planned this leg of my trip so I could go to Dirty Franks and get a vegan hot dog!

I got a Bollywood vegan dog – topped with a mango chutney.  It was tasty, but I actually preferred my homemade ones.  The plan was to get a fried leek as well, but I decided to save my appetite.

Boy am I glad I did!  I stopped at Pattycake Bakery

and this beautiful hunk of chocolate was waiting for me…

Jennie was behind the counter and was super friendly, helping me pick out a cookie to bring to Amy and David as well!  I’ve been craving that chocolate monster since I took my first bite.  Oh – and did I mention it was the size of THREE cupcakes??  Oh yeah.  Good thing they ship..  Plus I got a shirt to support them.  They ship those, too!

Pretty scenic overlook.

Arabian filly

Amy’s chickens!

Meet Amy’s horses!!

Johnny and Chester




Sammy and the antisocial goat that thinks he’s a horse..

Baby Inspector!

Me too, me too!

Dumpy!  No really, her name is Dumpy.  She was found by the dumpster and she is as bold as they come!



How about a shot of Vodka (the dog)?

Coming soon…

Safari Park!!


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