(not) Out of Africa

So the morning of the safari park visit, I started off with some blueberry muffins.  Fresh blueberries from Amy’s mom’s garden.  I made Mama Pea’s blueberry struesel muffins from The Book


Once with fresh FIGS from Amy’s mom’s garden.  I should also mention I ate 3 pints of fresh figs on my own.  What can I say?  I fell in love overnight.

We stopped for lunch at Amy and David’s favorite Indian restaurant.  Yes in Virginia.  It was FANTABULOUS!

Then the fun began.  I think my favorite part was that I got to ride in the bed of a pickup truck for 2 hours.  I don’t know why that’s so much fun..

I kinda felt sad for the giraffes.. they didn’t get to play with the rest of the animals.. =(

There were scary emus..

Trailing buffalos..


I got to pet this guy!  I wanted to take him home but he didn’t fit in my car.

She’s actually reaching for the feed tub and not trying to get fresh.

Not hungry.

Very hungry.  (And I am mega-sunburnt..)

Walk the watusi (cattle that is).

Next stop: Louisville and Indianapolis!

(Shiny disco ball..)


4 thoughts on “(not) Out of Africa

  1. Look at the horns on that guy, they are HUGE!
    Giraffes have to be one of the cutest animals out there, the eyes are just too much!

    Indian food is the best!

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