Indian Pass

Hey y’all!

This weekend Kyle and I traveled to Port Saint Joe, Florida for his very good friend’s wedding! I was enamored with the town. The groom and his parents have an amazing home right across from the ocean. It was the perfect setting for a wedding. Gorgeous

The hosts also made sure there were some sauteed veggies at the rehearsal and the reception, as well as some amazing asparagus! It was well appreciated after eating granola bars and peanut butter sammiches from my purse!

(Plus we stopped at Red Robin on the way to the airport to fill me up with some much needed protein! Go BOCA burgers!)

I hope I get to visit again soon!

Sharp windblown sand!

Raw Bar!!

Kyle trying his baked oysters. He said he liked them.. the picture doesn’t prove it, though!

The walk down to the beach for the ceremony was amazing!

One of the many butterflies present at the ceremony!

The bride and groom with their immediate families.

Can you believe I was able to watch wild dolphins (not pictured sadly) feeding not once, but twice through this gorgeous water?!

The boys filling up their bags at the candy bar! I attacked the Starburst with a vengeance..

The night-time golf cart ride down the beach proved to be too exciting for Kyle.

The bride and groom with me, Kyle and his brother in front of the bonfire! How have I never been to a wedding with a bonfire before??

I love the garden by the guest house..

And the beach!

The whole “petting the bird in the picture” thing didn’t work out..

The End!


6 thoughts on “Indian Pass

  1. Too cute. Thank you for sharing, sweet friend! I hope you are having a Happy Halloween. Thank you for making mine a bit sweeter (now I just need to get some candy!) Much love from Austin.

  2. What a beautiful beach to get married at! Or just visit, really 🙂 Oh, and I hope you had plenty of those bottomless fries at RR! Man, why do I love those so?!

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