Sookie’s Mole!

Happy (really-belated) Halloween!

For the big day I dressed as my favorite book character – Sookie Stackhouse!

The garlic was because I’d had a fight with Eric (oh yeah I’m on Team Eric).. πŸ˜‰

Since Kyle and I didn’t have anywhere to be that night, I whipped up some Seitan simmered in the mole sauce from Veganomicon. It was sensational and I can’t WAIT to make it again!

I’ve been battling a sickness for about a week and today it claimed my voice! It super-sucks!

I’m hoping it’s just laryngitis and not strep. I suppose I’ll find out if it doesn’t go away on its own!

Hope to be back soon! Off to the sofa for more X-Files and water!


6 thoughts on “Sookie’s Mole!

  1. So cute! Happy belated Halloween. Thank you for sharing your creativity with me. Your blog is a great way to start my weekend. I hope your weekend is relaxing, you start to feel much better and that you get to bake some yummy treats!

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