Piece of cake, piece of pie..

Anyone who’s seen Enough might be able to finish that quote.

I made my first ever pie last night! A PUMPKIN pie!


I used to hate pumpkin pie. I know, I know. But I have seen the error in my ways and realize that I just hate store bought pumpkin pie.

I came across a fantasmic recipe over on Mama Pea’s blog! With her substitution suggestions I was able to convert her recipe to the pumpkin pie of my dreams.

Wait, is it just me that dreams about a peanut butter pie crust?

The recipe can be found on her blog. I followed it to the T, only subbing out natural peanut butter for the butter in the dough and 1/2 cup of maple syrup for the brown sugar (I reduced the almond milk to ~2/3 cup to make up for the liquid content). Vegan AND refined sugar free!

I think I may have under baked it just a bit but I’m still pretty impressed for my very first pie!

Happy Tuesday!


4 thoughts on “Piece of cake, piece of pie..

  1. Yay for first pies! Thank you for sharing your sweet treats and words my friend. No better way to end my weekend. I hope you have a week full of family and feasting. Blessings from Austin!

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