Vegan in Oxford

Waaaaay back in March (it feels SO long ago – we’re due for another vacay), when Kyle and I were visiting a friend studying at Oxford University, we visited a quaint little pub.

A vegetarian/vegan pub that our friend claimed has the best vegan burgers – and he isn’t even vegan! After the first taste of my vegan burger smothered in a chutney over a thick bed of fries, I had to agree. I was hooked!

The Gardeners’ Arms has old record covers lining the walls, a cozy fireplace, old tables with armchairs as well as bar stools and there’s a little outside brick area to have a beer – eclectic and awesome. People trickled in and out. I think there was even a couple on their first date the next table over. TGA was the type of place where I could see myself becoming a regular Friday night patron. That’s a hell of a commute, though.


Here are some more random photos from Oxford! =)

The tree in New College where they filmed the “ferret” scene from Harry Potter!

A candle for Uncle Jeff in Christ Church Chapel.

The Divinity School inside the Bodleian Library, the oldest library in the world. They also filmed all of the infirmary scenes from Harry Potter here.

Oh Oxford, how I miss thee. I hope to visit again someday!

Happy Wednesday!


7 thoughts on “Vegan in Oxford

  1. I’m a student at Oxford University and I just wanted to say how nice it was to find this on my blogfeed – you hardly ever hear vegan + Oxford in the same sentence!

    Glad you enjoyed Oxford, in this glorious weather, sometimes I think there is no place better…

    • Ophelia, I am so happy you liked this post! I had the best time in Oxford. It was a beautiful day in a magical place. I wanted to stay forever! Enjoy The Gardener’s Arms for me! 🙂

  2. So much fun! We were in London a few weeks ago but we didn’t get to Oxford. Thank you for sharing with me…I’m sorry I’ve been so absent. We’ve been traveling, and I’m just now getting back into the swing of things. In good news, I just moved to my NEW blog. I’d love for you to visit. Hugs and love.

    • No need to apologize, Monet. I’m so glad you’ve been traveling and having a fun, relaxing time. You and Ryan needed it! I’m excited to see the new layout for the blog and read about your cake-making adventures! ❤

    • There are some truly terrific veggie burgers out there. I still can’t seem to make one at home that I like. They always end up too mushy from overprocessing the beans. =( One day..

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